Fine Art Photography by Stephen Bay

Welcome to my webpage. I am a fine art photographer based in San Diego. My focus is on capturing the beauty in the area where I live. I think it's important to show that sometimes the most wonderful things can be found right underneath our noses. That which is normally mundane can become magical with the right conditions. We tend to overlook the familiar and I want to change that.

In my work I strive for three things.

  1. I want every photograph I create to be a source of inspiration. I want to share what I felt when I was capturing the image.
  2. Each photo must be an authentic moment. I invest the time to return again and again to my subject until I get the image that matches my vision. Everything you see in my photos was actually there, it is not a collage made in photoshop.
  3. I make my photography available through the highest quality prints. I care intensely about the details and I want viewers to appreciate the depth and intricacy of each photograph.

Please contact me with any questions you have about my work or if you are interested in purchasing fine art prints.