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Semi-Automatic Focus Stacking on Sony Cameras

With today’s high resolution cameras, focus stacking is pretty much a necessity to get the maximum detail out of the sensor. Even with wide angle lenses, it is hard to get enough DOF to cover the foreground to the background and have everything sharp when viewed at 100% magnification. You could stop down to increase the DOF but this actually doesn’t work well with high megapixel sensors as exceeding even f/8 can result in a loss of resolution due to diffraction.

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Equipment for Tracked Panoramas of the Night Sky

Probably the most technically difficult shot to achieve in landscape astrophotography is a tracked panorama. But if you can successfully pull it off, it will yield the ultimate in image quality. I’ve done a few when conditions allowed (i.e. I had extra time for setup and I was able to carry of all the required gear) and thought I would share my equipment setup.

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Sony Raw Compression Artifacts: Real Examples

One of the curses of shooting with Sony cameras is their RAW file format. Currently they only offer two methods for saving RAW files: (1) a RAW file with lossy compression, and (2) an uncompressed RAW file. Did you notice what’s missing? Sony doesn’t offer a lossless compressed RAW file unlike every other camera manufacturer. This makes me incredibly mad!

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