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Setting Goals to Improve Your Photography

It’s a bit early for New Year’s resolutions, but I thought I would write about photography goals and how setting them helped me improve my game. For many years I focused on travel photography which I practiced in a largely documentary style. I was quite comfortable with it but about two years ago, I decided to shift into landscapes and cityscapes. My initial work was OK, I occasionally had some good images, but more often I found my photos lacking in some respect and I decided I wanted to create better images.

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Struggling With Landscape Photography

After I started sharing my landscape photos, I began receiving questions such as why don’t my photos turn out likes yours? and what am I doing wrong? I heard this from people who’ve gone to the same locations as me, and even from friends with whom I shot side by side. This can be a frustrating experience, knowing that you should be able to create a great image but for some reason your work doesn’t reach that bar.

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