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Printing Photos on Metal FAQ

I get many questions from photographers about printing their photos on metal, especially for the various group exhibits I’m involved with in San Diego. So I’m going to try and answer the most common questions in this post.

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How to Deal With White Dust Spots on Your Prints

You’ve just had a large print roll off your printer. You hold it up to the light and it looks fabulous with deep blacks and oh so rich colors. But… you notice a tiny white spot where the ink has flaked off. I’m pretty sure this has happened to everybody who does their own inkjet printing. It’s super frustrating and costly. Depending on the paper you use, printing runs anywhere from $2-5 per square foot.

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How to Print and Mount Your Photos for the San Diego Fair Photo Exhibit

Note: This article is for photographers participating in the San Diego Fair Photo Exhibit. I’ve received many questions on how to print and mount images for the competition and this is my advice.

So you got your notification from the fair and have advanced to Tier 2 where you need to submit physical prints. Now what? You first need to decide three things before proceeding:

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