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How to Minimize Jpeg File Size for a Photo Website

If you have a photography website, you’re probably aware that the biggest obstacle to obtaining quick page load times is the size of your image files. You want to use large hi-resolution photos with low compression to present your images at their best. But inevitably this means large file sizes which load slowly. Slow loading files annoys users and makes them more likely to give up and browse some other site instead.

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Some Experiments With Topaz Sharpen AI

Recently I’ve been trying programs like Topaz AI to correct some issues in photos that I that I messed up technically. Topaz and the other AI based filters (E.g. Luminar AI, Photoshop Neural filters) essentially work by artificially generating textures and image detail so in theory there’s no limit to how much they can sharpen, remove noise, or magnify the existing detail in a photo. But in practice, I find that sometimes it’s like magic and other times it produces garbage.

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