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Milky Way and Landscape Astrophotography Class - June 16, 2019

I’ll present the basics of how to plan, shoot, and post-process Milky Way landscapes. I’ll also briefly cover some advanced topics for dealing with noise and improving the technical quality of your images such as low level lighting, stacking, tracking, and panorama stitching.

Here’s a small preview of the class:

Title Slide

Planning your shot in PhotopillsPlanning in Photopills

Post processing your shotPost-processing your image

Sources of image noiseSources and types of image noise

Stacking images to reduce noiseStacking images to reduce noise

Date: Sunday June 16, 1pm - 2pm
Location: San Diego County Fair, Veranda Cafe (next to the photography exhibit), second floor East Grandstand
Price: Free with admission

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