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Be Willing to Fail

As a landscape photographer, I often feel a lot of pressure to come away with a good photo when I go on a shoot. This could be because I’m traveling and I won’t be able to return to the location easily. Or it might be that I need certain environmental conditions such as the clouds and the tides to align which doesn’t happen that frequently. For some of my moon shots, I’ve waited over a year for the right alignment.

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Printing Photos on Metal FAQ

I get many questions from photographers about printing their photos on metal, especially for the various group exhibits I’m involved with in San Diego. So I’m going to try and answer the most common questions in this post.

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Sony Raw Compression Artifacts: Real Examples

One of the curses of shooting with Sony cameras is their RAW file format. Currently they only offer two methods for saving RAW files:

  1. a RAW file with lossy compression,
  2. an uncompressed RAW file.

Did you notice what’s missing? Sony doesn’t offer a lossless compressed RAW file unlike every other camera manufacturer. This makes me incredibly mad!

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Landscape Photography Class - June 23, 2019

I’m teaching a class with Amethel Parel-Sewell on Landscape Photography at the San Diego Fair on June 23, 2019 from 4-6:30pm. The class is free with admission. This is a special double session. In part I, we’ll cover what makes a fantastic landscape photograph and we’ll share techniques and tools to help you in your journey as a photographer. We’ll talk about the elements of an exceptional image and discuss approaches and tips for shooting in the field.

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