Banyan trees (aka Moreton bay fig trees) in Balboa Park. The photo is near sunset and light is streaming into the scene from the sun. The giant roots of the trees and the canopy cradles the sun.

Radiance | Balboa Park

I discovered this spot as I was walking down the wooden steps to enter Palm Canyon in Balboa Park. Although it is secluded, this place is popular with couples for engagement & wedding pictures (think close up of a couple standing in the giant roots of the tree). I don't do portraits (other than for my family) but I really liked the way the trees and the roots cradle the setting sun.

I visited here a few times to get the shot right. The first time I focused on the roots and didn't see this composition until I was leaving. By then it was too late to get a great sunstar. I came back a few times more to get the sun in just the right spot.

Update 6/15/20: I came back here during one of my walks and was saddened to see that the two large vertical limbs on the right side of each trunk had broken off during a storm. The fallen branches also damaged the roots although I’m not sure to what extent as the debris hadn’t been removed allowing a clear view. So this beautiful scene no longer exists exactly as shown in my photo.

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