Big Blowhole is a black and white photograph of an open ceiling cave in the Sunset Cliffs neighborhood of San Diego. The artwork shows the interior of the cave with the layers of sedimentary rock as well as fallen rock piles where the roof has collapsed. Both the front entrance and a large hole in the roof are visible.

Big Blowhole | Sunset Cliffs

Sunset cliffs abounds with sea caves but this is the biggest and baddest of them all. This one is called the Big Blowhole for obvious reasons and is only accessible when the tide is very low. It requires scrambling over rocks and rough terrain to reach, not an adventure to take lightly.

Being inside the cave is wonderful, it's a natural marvel but I know it won't exist forever. The sandstone walls and ceiling are crumbling and eventually erosion will collapse the sides of the cave. The large rocks in the center under the opening are a testament to that.

I've been here a few times, but this photograph is from my first visit. When I came here, the tide wasn't optimal. While it was low going in, the levels rose during the time I was there and it was higher than it should have been on the way out. I had to wade through some waist deep areas but no camera gear was ruined. I have seen people stay too long and face almost disastrous consequences because once the tide rises and if you have a few feet of surf it can be dangerous getting out.

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Edition of 30. Available in the following sizes:

22 x 28 inches

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Medium: Archival pigment print


This is an archival pigment print made with a heavyweight fine art paper. This is a print only, shipped rolled in a robust protective tube. Framing available upon request.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for production and delivery of your print. The prices include worldwide shipping.

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