A photo of a rainbow behind the California Tower in Balboa Park.

Fleeting | Rainbow over the California Tower, Balboa Park

Rainbows always bring a smile to my face but they never last a long time. Because they live on the border between the rain and sun they appear quickly and then are gone in the next moment. If I get a few minutes with one, I'm happy. If I have my camera with me, even better, and I feel exhilarated as I rush to photograph it. I have to watch myself so my hands don't get too shakey with excitement when I'm setting up my camera. And when all is done I'm left with something akin to a runner's high.

For this rainbow, I had been watching the weather all day. We had quite a bit of rain but the skies were overcast so no chance of a rainbow. But in the mid-afternoon I looked out my window and started to see the sun in the south west. Sun and rain meant there was a chance of a rainbow. So I rushed to Balboa Park in hopes I could catch one, and as I was driving I could see it outside the passenger window. I just hoped that it would last long enough for me to get there. When I finally arrived I was lucky to find parking right away and then I ran towards the tower to get a better vantage point. I had about a minute before the rainbow faded but I managed to get the photo. It's quite the feeling when you finally achieve something you've been seeking for a few years.

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Edition of 50. Available in the following sizes:

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Medium: Archival pigment print with acrylic facemount


This is a pigment print where the front has been directly mounted with an adhesive to a sheet of ultra clear, scratch resistant, and non-reflective acrylic glass. This process is known as face mounting. The acrylic captures light internally resulting in a display with incredible visual depth and vibrancy. With proper lighting, the acrylic print will appear to be back illuminated with the light emanating from the image itself. The print comes ready to hang with a hidden mount on the back that floats the print off the wall.

Please allow 4-5 weeks for production and delivery of your print. The prices include U.S. shipping, please contact me for international rates.

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