The Beauty of Sea Caves

Photographs of Sea Caves and Other Coastal Rock Formations

Sea caves are one of my favorite subjects as a photographer. I've always been fascinated by their form and shape. I love how they shelter you from the environment but still provide a window to the outside. When inside them, I feel comfortably away from civilization. They have a raw beauty that is unique and in this gallery I will try to showcase these natural wonders.

Sea caves can be difficult to access. They may require scrambling over rough terrain and wading through water even when the tide is low. Some are only accessible by the sea. I feel fortunate that I'm able to physically able to reach these locations and photograph them.

These photos were all taken along the coast of San Diego. I usually spend significant time and effort to find these places and access them safely. This almost always requires careful planning around the tide levels and repeat visits as they can be difficult to photograph properly.

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