Coronado Sunrise is a panoramic photo of the Coronado Bridge at sunrise by San Diego photographer Stephen Bay. The artwork shows the entire span of the bridge set against a dramatic orange and pink sky which is reflected into the water.

Coronado Sunrise | Coronado

For a whole month I had been getting up early and heading to tidelands park to try and capture a sunrise panorama of the Coronado bridge. The first time I came here, I was fogged out and I didn't even see this composition until the sun was far too high. The next time the sunrise was not as colorful as I had hoped. Third time I had a great sunrise but the reflections from the sky looked very odd in the water due to the cloud placement. I also dropped my expensive 6-stop neutral density filter (for long exposures) and it shattered. Eventually I got this shot which I'm very happy with.

About the Prints

Available in the following sizes:

20 x 60 inches, edition of 12

24 x 72 inches, edition of 12

30 x 90 inches, edition of 12

Medium: Archival pigment print with acrylic facemount


This is a pigment print where the front has been directly mounted with an adhesive to a sheet of ultra clear, scratch resistant, and non-reflective acrylic glass. This process is known as face mounting. The acrylic captures light internally resulting in a display with incredible visual depth and vibrancy. With proper lighting, the acrylic print will appear to be back illuminated with the light emanating from the image itself. The print comes ready to hang with a hidden mount on the back that floats the print off the wall.

Please allow 4-5 weeks for production and delivery of your print. The prices include U.S. shipping, please contact me for international rates.