Exposed Eelgrass at Sunset Cliffs

Stepping Stones | Exposed Eelgrass at Sunset Cliffs

I took my friend Roza and my wife to explore the tidepools at Sunset Cliffs. This place is rapidily becoming one of my favorite spots in San Diego to shoot. It was a bit of hike over rocky terrain and we got wet almost to the waist. Although in retrospect we probably didn't take the best route and there were other paths that weren't as deep.

Normally my wife gets a little impatient and bored waiting for me to shoot. I like to setup well in advance of sunset and take my time with composition. But the sunset was super nice and she found some kind of weird sea slug to entertain herself. Plus selfies take a lot of time.

The hard part was capturing the water motion with the eelgrass. I burned a large number of shots trying to get one that I liked. Basically, as the waves comes in, they tend to flow over the long strands hiding their marvelous texture. The eelgrass was only a few inches above the water line and in some cases is just floating on top so even the smallest wave tends to cover it.