North Windansea Beach

Glow | North Windansea Beach

I was absolutely stunned by the sunset tonight. I had been watching the sky all afternoon and saw a layer of high clouds. Not too thick, nor too thin and they looked like they would stay around and not get blown inland by the coastal breeze. So I was excited to get out and photograph. The only question was where? The tides were going to be high at sunset (roughly 5ft) which would cover up many of the rocky areas along the coast. After checking with a friend, I decided to go to north Windansea Beach. I had been here before at low tide and knew that there are lots of rock formations that would likely still be exposed.

When I arrived the waves were crashing against the shore and keeping me back almost to the houses. But there was one line of rocks that I thought looked fantastic with the water crashing against them. The sunset turned out to be spectacular, the best I've seen in many years. The entire sky lit up and covered the area with a warm red omni-directional glow. Once I knew I had my shot, I stopped photographing and just watched the sunset.

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