Coaching and Mentorship

If you are interested in having me as your personal photography coach please reach out and lets talk about it. We can discuss your goals, your current experience level, and what roadblocks you are facing.

To get started, call me at 619-496-9078 or send me an email.

Why Should I Have a Coach?

You may be asking yourself, why do I need a coach? If you look at the top performers in any field, they invariably had a coach or mentor that helped guide them to where they are today. Coaching provides the space and structure for a student to learn and grow. It can benefit everyone from beginner to advanced students.

More specifically, you can expect the following benefits:

  • receive objective feedback on your work
  • identify skills that you need to learn
  • determine a series of progressive learning goals to help you advance
  • leverage the knowledge and experience of the coach
  • hold you accountable to your goals
  • provide positive reinforcement to keep you motivated
  • push you out of your comfort zone to enable personal growth

How Does it Work?

Initially, we will start by having a conversation to understand what you want to achieve, where you are now, and where you would like to be. Based on this, we'll set learning goals together. I may ask you to share some of your current work and possibly put together an inspiration board.

Then every two weeks, we will talk via phone or video conferencing software for 30 minutes. During these meetings, I will provide you with an assignment to work on. The focus of this assignment is to help the student learn what is necessary to progress to the next level.

The student then works on the assignment and sends me the photos of their progress. I review the work and provide feedback such as what makes the photo successful and where it can be improved.

Between meetings, students can also text or email me at any time to ask quick questions.

How Much Does Coaching Cost?

The fee for this service is $70 per month. Students pay by credit card which is billed monthly. You can quit at any time.