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Milky Way Photography
Milky Way Photography Workshop

May 16, 2020

San Diego


Post Processing Bootcamp
Landscape Post Processing Bootcamp

Oct/Nov, 2020

San Diego

Private Instruction
Landscape Post Processing Bootcamp

Now Scheduling

San Diego or online

Why Take a Workshop with Stephen?

I have been involved with teaching for my entire adult life and I'm thrilled with the opportunity to share my photographic knowledge and expertise. It's extremely satisfying and inspiring to see your students progress and start producing amazing work. I can look back and say that I helped them on their journey.

I'm patient and easy-going. In my workshops, I think it's important to use a mix of teaching methods, although I tend to prefer hands-on learning and have students actually try the technique I'm demonstrating. It's one thing to see how a method works on a well-groomed example, it's another to try it yourself for the first time and run into all kind of issues.

I keep my workshop sizes small so that each student can receive personal attention.

Finally, I'm always learning myself and testing out new approaches and methods. In photography there's almost always multiple ways to achieve a goal. I experiment with each method and test them to understand the pros and cons. Personally, I tend to be pragmatic and switch my approach based on what makes sense for the given situation. There's no such thing as there being just one right way to do something.

What Attendees Are Saying

"Excellent class. You did a great job clearly explaining all aspects of astrophotography. This class has been one of the best photo classes I've ever taken. Thank you!" — Patti B.

"Really great. Nicely organized & presented. A lot of complicated info given in a very easy way to understand. Thank you!" — Danny P.

"Great class, well organized, clear & concise! Very well done! Thank you" — Tanya S.

"I am new to photography but you have inspired me!" — Tracey S.

"Nicely done, Stephen! Thank you. You really covered a good range of topics, and you blended methods well from examples, practical tips, apps & software, and equipment" — Cheri P.

"Fantastic amount of information clearly given in a short amount of time -- would love a longer workshop" — Judy D.

"Very informative. The concepts & processes were clearly explained" — Dawn A.

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