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Photography Stats for 2019

I’ve always been a numbers guy so I like to keep track of some basic statistics on my photography. As of Dec 20, 2019 I have the following track record:

  • I went outside and photographed on 128 different days
  • During the year I took about 11k images, deleted 5k, and kept 6k
  • I averaged 85 images per shooting day
  • I published or shared 62 photos
  • My 2019 files take up 768 GB

Compared to last year, the numbers are a little lower. Last year I photographed on 142 days and took about 14k images.

Here is my breakdown by lens:

Photography stats by lens for 2019

The numbers are based on the images that are currently in my catalog and do not include images I deleted. So the percentages are only approximate but they convey the general trend.

As you can see, I’m heavily weighted on the wide end. I don’t think that will change anytime soon.

I’m still using a few Canon lenses on my Sony bodies with my Metabones adaptor. I’ve kept my Canon 70-300L because (1) it’s a very good lens and (2) the Sony equivalent doesn’t have tripod collar. I also still use my 24mm tilt shift lens from Canon. This lens has no equivalent in Sony land so I expect to stick with it for a long time.

I use my Batis 25mm exclusively for astrophotography shots. The percentage is probably higher than it should be because I do a lot of image stacking.