Starry Nights

Night Sky and Milky Way Photography

As a photographer, one thing I enjoy is being alone at night with nothing but the stars for company. It always amazes that the light from the stars has traveled from across the galaxy or from even further away. This is a journey that could be thousands or millions of light years and I often wonder type of worlds are at the other end and if someone is there looking back at us.

This gallery is a collection of my night sky photographs, where I juxtapose the landscape in front of me with the starry night sky. In many of my images you can see the central core of the Milky Way galaxy (yes this is visible to the naked eye if you let your eyes adjust) or star trails caused by the earth's rotation. This always seemed like a fitting contrast: our small world versus the vastness of the universe. Being out at night always helps me put things into perspective.

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